Видео Gelish Nails part II ~ how to use your regular nail polish with a gel manicure!!

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Советуем Вашему просмотру .....Benefits of a gel manicure...1) Your nail polish doesn't chip or peel for two weeks or more!!!2) It dries faster than a normal manicure3) It stays shiny!!4) It helps your nails to grow! I can easily have 10 long finger nails!!5) You can add shimmers to your manis!!!6) You can get creative with your nails!!7) I do my own pedicures -they last for over a month!!!So being the DIY-er I am - I researched it a LOT online. Discovered where to buy the equipment and supplies, read HUNDREDS of threads on beauty forums... so I thought I would compile what I learned and show you how easy it is to do.The supplies are now easily available to home users - you can purchase the gels at Sally's or Ulta. Make sure you sign up for the reward programs for both of these stores if you buy from them!! You will get coupons towards future purchases - you know how much I love saving you money!!!Ulta sells the gel products - Red Carpet Manicure.Gel Supplies you need:- UV or LED Light (I recommend an LED light)-Foundation Coat-Top It Off Coat- Gel nail color (or check out my other video on how to use reg nail polish)!- Orly Bonder-91% or higher rubbing alcohol- lint free material (like paper towels)*** Please review Gel Nails Part I video for details on this ***To prep the nail you will need:- Cuticle remover- Cuticle pusher - CuretteTo Remove the Gel polish you need:- Foil - cotton squares- 100% pure acetoneLet me know if you have any questions. Go check out my FB page for pictures on some of my gel manicures.FB: Good AfterFortyHave fun & enjoy life! для поднятия настроения.

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